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The latest version of Firefox is even better than ever

Over the last few years, Firefox has taken a large chunk of the browser market. So much so that Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Google Chrome have attempted to replicate a number of the Firefox features, but both versions just end up looking like the poorer cousin of the superior Firefox for PC.

Microsoft continues to see their share of the marketing declining, as the superior Mozilla Firefox browser gains more and more market share.

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Firefox features

A better web experience
Firefox offers great new features to improve your online experience. Firefox has a snazzy, shinier interface than most other browsers. Tabbed browsing was a major innovation by Mozilla in Firefox, and this has been improved again and enhanced in the latest version.

RSS Integration
Mozilla has a history of integrating web based tools into its browsers. Search engines are one example of this and with the latest version of Firefox there is full RSS reader integration as well. When you browse to a page with an RSS feed, an icon lights up in the browser allowing you to easily subscribe to that feed.

Even more features
Firefox continues to lead the way in online security, and now includes active protection to keep you safer including built in anti-phishing protection.

Enhance your browser
You can personalise Firefox to your needs by choosing from over a thousand Firefox add ons and Firefox themes.

Let's not forget Firefox is completely free of charge so download Firefox for free now.